Tuesday, March 13, 2007

light reading

Pretty surprised by this week's readings. I guess when writing a script there is only so much you can say/do before getting back to basics. So far I've enjoyed the lectures, and kind of wish Di was in a position to stay on with us throughout the course. Her input and influence is going to be missed when she moves on.

Since it isn't quite off topic, I'd just like to take this moment to go off on a little tanty rant about the sad, downhill-headed state of one of Australia's most well-loved dramas: Home and Away.

Now, I've been a longeroom Summer Bay resident since the ripe old age of 9, so pardon me if this all sounds like it's hitting a little close to home. Every new season there are new credits, which are infinitely more annoying that the seasons' preceding. Not only this, there is a new style of filming/acting/construction that really only serves to make the show tedious and repetitive... I know, you're all thinking, 'but what else can be done with a drama that's been running for all those years?' - I'm not bagging out the plotline (although some of it in the past few seasons has been utter shite), but I have to say that as one of our main Aussie exports, the way this thing is put together nowadays doesn't do our name or country a lot of justice.

It really is said to see a show like this grow more formulaic and less suspenseful as the years pass. Why doesn't anyone have the guts to change the face of mainstream drama? We could all do with some sense of refreshment. As Alf Stewart would say, viewers are now copping the 'rough end of the pineapple', and the only thing I can attribute this to is a state of sheer complacency.

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