Wednesday, April 18, 2007

opportunity knocks

I found out today that I didn't get the PR job I applied for. Apparently I was at the top of the ranks until a girl who's graduating this semester had her interview, so it turned out her availability was more ideal. I'm not entirely bothered by this - if anything it means less chaos on my end as I won't have to juggle my set hours at the bank with being on-call - and it means I can be more directive with my degree and the focus I wish to take with it.

I've always been somewhat torn between the two quite divergent disciplines of PR and Media Production. Majoring in both has been pretty full-on at both ends, and my reasons for enjoying them have been radically different. With PR it's had more to do with my desire to become a better communicator through the practice of writing and theorising - whereas with production it's been purely a matter of creative release, as instinctual as breathing and just as necessary. I have a few theories about serendipity, and I think the fact that I missed out on this job is suggesting that I get my priorities straight. I have the chance now to settle for good on the goal of working in production instead of getting sidetracked with what is basically a hobby over a passion... It's exciting, but a little daunting - I always like to have a back-up plan, but that kind of seems like a cop-out when we're talking in terms of life ambitions and dreams...

I'm pulling myself up on yet another introspective rant. My bad.

Next week I'm helping film the PR breakfast (ironic, eh) with Ed and Josh from 3rd year Media - should be good, although we've gotta rock up to the Windsor at some ridiculous hour like 6:30am... The free breakky had better be worth it!

Production meeting in about 20 minutes. Fingers crossed we'll have decided our roles, scripts, and formulated some plan of action for Friday's class. I wish our schedules were coordinated a little better so we didn't have to wait around for each other, but so it goes with these things. Daresay I'll be considerably less antsy once we've actually chosen a script...

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