Friday, May 11, 2007

we've got out work cut out for us

So today's tute comprised of a viewing of all the Lennies, across all tutes, and I must say - in comparison to what some of the other groups put together - ours was ridiculously mediocre. Now, I still think I did the best I could with what footage we had.. but seriously, some people pulled off gorgeous ECUs and some beautifully crafted focus pulls.. yeah, some people completely crossed the line and filmed at different times of the day, which just looked weird. I guess the point of the exercise was to learn, but hot damn, I never realised how talented some of these media kids were. It's nice to see them all on top of their game.

With any luck, I'll be able to spend some time this weekend gathering the bits and pieces necessary for the girls' outfits. I'm talking accessories, makeup, hair bits.. the little stuff that all-too-often gets left to the last minute, or worse still, overlooked entirely. Even though it looks like we'll be using my house for the bedroom scene, we're still going to need fresh props for these guys. Got to be professionals here! Practice makes perfect... or so they say.

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