Sunday, May 27, 2007


So, the past two days were spent lugging around cumbersome equipment and finally getting to film... I can't quite describe what it was like to hear 'action' for the first time, let alone in my house, where the first (not sequential, just the first to be shot) scenes took place. It was like being Alice in wonderland and taking a bit of magic cake, where everything around you instantaneously gets bigger, and you begin feel like the most insignificant cluster of atoms in the world. It was a pretty momentus feeling, and one I'm not sure to forget for a long time.

I'm pretty bloody drained, to say the least. Friday, despite the imminent stresses of having so many goddamn people (strangers) in my house, was probably more of an involved experience for me. Saturday, aside from the fact that I battled an unweidly migraine for most of the day, didn't really require as much of my input. Most of my production design ideas were canned (for no apparent reason, which I'm still not happy about), and the space inside Scott's kitchen wasn't really conducive to having as many people around while the camera was rolling. So I got stuck doing the odd jobs - picking up pizzas, picking up the dolly, etc etc... Sure, this stuff needed doing, but I wasn't exactly in my element. Still, things ran as smoothly as they could have, and I had a great time coaching the actors - Mel in particular.

Now I'm just looking forward to capturing our material and cutting it up into some semblance of a drama. Since everything was pretty much filmed out of order, my poor addled brain just wants to slot these scenes into formation so we can work out what effects will work best, and what sounds will enhance the viewing experience. I wouldn't call production an anticlimax, but it was certainly built up to be something in my mind that I'm not quite sure was realised - in full. Then again, that's probably a good thing.

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