Friday, August 17, 2007

edits and changes

The meeting with Christine this week was fortuitous. Here are the changes she has suggested we implement:

-try to eliminate the formal documentary aspect and go through all our interview material while he is getting ready - to ensure reactions are not contrived in any respect
-cut out the interviews with the best friends. rather, have them present while we are filming Amazon getting changed
-include, and perhaps begin with, a slice of his 'everyday' existence, i.e. sitting at his desk in his role as a Medibank office worker
-dig as deep as we can into his persona: try to pinpoint the internal conflict faced by having a side to your own character that has the potential to compromise one's own happiness
-focus more upon his character than anything else

The readings this week were nothing to write home about (I'm just being truthful), however I did enjoy the first reading on Musical Documentaries, particularly as I could relate a lot of the material from what we saw of Drinking for England. I find Brian Hill an incredibly inspiring filmmaker and his treatment of the subject in Drinking for England was really quite remarkable... I love how he was able to get his point across without seeming overly pitiful or judgemental of the subject. I guess this is a notion we can explore further next week when the focus is on 'ethics' and what that means for us as the creators (of the representations) of other peoples' lives...

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