Friday, April 6, 2007

good friday.. good times?

So we're officially 'on a break'. It really doesn't feel like we should be. I don't feel like I've covered sufficient enough ground to have earnt a break from uni, but I'd best use this time wisely while I've got it, hey.

I like how we're being taught all different facets of the production roles. This week had a particularly good reading, entitled 'The Director and the Actor', and I guess having never made a real drama before (only ever did some stage when I was younger), I never really pictured myself having to realise my vision of a role through someone else. It's so fascinating and complex, one can't help but be taken by it all. If I get to direct at some stage this year, I guess I'll see for myself what it's like to have wear that all-important hat.

Sigh. Can't wait to read other peoples' scripts. I want to know what they came up with. In some sense it would have been good to read a few more before handing mine in (the only one I got to read was Latch's, 'cause he asked me to out loud in class). Ah well. Something to look forward to I guess.

I'm in the (rare) mood for a trashy horror film. Any takers?

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