Wednesday, April 11, 2007

should have put this up before, but it deserves a place

“…you can’t blame either of them for leaving me to rot like this”

Fiend is a short film that deals explicitly with the intense psychological conflict surrounding chemical addiction. Following on from the dramatic themes touched upon in Crank (2006) and Spun (2002), the film explores the insidious nature of substance abuse – notably, of the prolific street drug "ice" (methamphetamine). Peering beyond the realm of Melbourne's social castes, the film centres around the zombie-like existence of a young man on a seeming-downward spiral. As he tries to grapple with the death of his mother, a failed relationship and a financially debilitating speed habit, Arty's world is thrown off balance as he questions his ability to live with himself – whoever that might be. Unable to reconcile his ‘inner’ persona with the ‘bright and shiny’ euphoria wrought by the drug, he embarks on a confronting quest to find his way back to self-acceptance. In so doing, Fiend examines and rejects popular conceptions of reality, faith, and humanity, while offering solace in the enigmatic beauty of art and cinema.

[/end concept]

Also, getting a start on next week's readings. That dossier is one fat little comprehensive sumbitch. No-one can say they weren't advised on how to do anything! The emphasis on group work is a little jarring, but necessary all the same. Got to get out of solo-mode at some stage, I just wish I knew more folks who had gone into the telly stream. Damn you all for going over to the dark side(s)! We'll show 'em.. we'll show 'em up good.

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