Thursday, May 10, 2007

aced it.. all that worrying for nought?

Soo the TV1 exam I dreaded with great ominousness turned out to be rather.. simple in the end. I scored 54/54, which according to my calculations is PERFECT MARKS. hehe. Yay for getting that hurdle out of the way, and yay for being able to concentrate solely on pulling next week's production off.

We finalised our actors tonight, so everything seems to be falling into place nice and smoothly. It's such a headache though. Jen's done a fantastic job coordinating everyone and making sure we all have the contact details of the people we need. I'll be finalising wardrobe and costume over the weekend and buying the rest of the props, so things are definitely picking up in that department.

Must remember to bring my notes on genre as well. God there's so much to take in, I fear an early onset of senility creeping up on me.

Tonight I'm watching Mickey Blue Eyes (love my gangster/mobster flicks.. even the pseudo-British ones), so hopefully tomorrow I'll have some note-idge on the way editing is used within that narrative, and will find some way to incorporate that into our own drama. This is particularly timely as Latch will be finalising the storyboard so this sort of thing will need to be carefully considered early on.. I want as many details as possible to be sorted by the day of the shoot so that somehow, it all adds up in my mind to something frasible.

The countdown begins.

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