Friday, May 4, 2007

...between a rock and a hard place

Is anyone else shitting their proverbials about the exam we're meant to be handing in next week?

I've been (albeit a good 5-10 minutes impunctually) to every lecture, prac, group gathering associated with this subject.. Read that freaking dossier from week to week and still, still cannot fathom how I'm expected to demonstrate my acquired 'knowledge' in an exam format... Unless we're talking in terms of safety precautions, or what button to press and when, or what to plug into where, which has been about the extent of it.

Seriously though, the whole assessment approach this course has taken is completely bizarre. I'm going to write a nice constructive response when the course evaluation surveys do the rounds in the coming weeks. This course could really have done with a Summer intensive to show students how to operate the technology PRIOR TO getting put into groups... Because it's not really fair to expect Paul and David to aid each and every one of us in our individual understandings of how the cameras and editing suites work. That's just not practical.

As a student, however, it's just so frustrating having to work with all this gear while pretty much clutching at the straws trying to get your head around it. I find this especially difficult being from Prof Comm, where movies are not my life 24/7. I thought the fact that I could appreciate communications more broadly would assist me in taking this course, but if anything it seems to have had the opposite effect.

Knowledge in philosophy, literature, drama, the classics, history and politics is what gives context to any media, for me, but I can't seem to find a level with anyone with a straight film bias. My HD in Broadcast means nothing because I can't translate any of that into what we're doing now - and it seems to be because of a) lack of one-on-one teaching and b) 2nd yr media clique culture. I feel stuck.

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