Friday, June 15, 2007

the final curtain draws to a close

So it's been two decent-sized weeks since my last real update, and I dont know that I have the energy to write about all that's transpired over them. So I'll just put post-production into a nice little nutshell for all of you, in the hopes that history never, ever repeats itself again.

In short, post was hell. I saw glimpses of it coming in pre-production, a wave of it in production (that I thought I could cope with), but after being told by Director dearest that if 'any of my ideas were good, they'd have made it onto (the Final Cut)'. Of course, hearing that made me livid, and made me realise why, subconsciously, I had given up any real hope of influencing the nature of this project a long, long time ago. I don't believe it was valid of the Director to make such a nasty comment, but at least I felt vindicated for not actually caring about how the final product turned out. That's right, they could have whipped anything up in there and knowing that my suggestions wouldn't have made a dent, I couldn't have cared less. It's just so uninspiring to be singled out like that. Yeah, the film IS good, but that is beside the point. It could have been much better, and time could have been saved along the way had my suggestions been heeded.

I am disappointed, mostly, at not having learnt my way around FCP as much as I'd have liked. I realise this is something I'll need to pick up in my own time, but still. I thought the objective of group work was to work as a team, not to pander to the whims of some hack-egomaniac who thinks he is gonna knock Spielberg off at the Box Office in the next 12 months. Bollocks. I put in a MASSIVE amount of work in pre-production, and my notes will indicate that. I did all that I could on the days of filming, despite what anyone else says, and went to great lenghts to try and learn as much about the technical side of things as I could (HELLO! did you I ever miss a class? I think not). In post, however, I got segregated and shut out, and basically told not to bother... and the only thing that has served to do is a) ignite my rage, and b) make me fifty billion times more determined to kick arse in semester 2.

If I can concentrate my energy on that, then maybe - just maybe - all this political group wank will seem somewhat worth it.

Let's hope that is the case.

'Til then.

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