Friday, June 1, 2007

pinch and a punch

Before getting my no-good arse into gear with this blog, my earlier entries were scattered between my old host and a bunch of WordPad documents. I fear the memory stick with a good half-dozen entries from April and at least 2 from the Easter break is at work, meaning I'll need to drop by after today's tute and pick it up. Arrgh. So much needless stuffing around. I guess it will be nice though to have them all in the one place, at long last. I kinda dig the look and feel of this blog now, I don't even have any desire to switch onto WordPess for TV2. And since I've figured out how to link everyone elses blog, there's no stopping me!

Last prac today - which will consist of viewing the rough cuts and doing our self/peer assessments. Thus, you can expect some nice, long-winded semesterly reviews in the not-so-distant future. Have I expressed my disbelief having at already arrived at the reflective part of the course yet?

I guess this was inevitable, though, like everything else. Stay tuned.

1 comment:

NATIO said...

Now I've found you!!!
should have guessed Ariel you are a word Nazi! (Oh, I don't proof read).
Now i will be trawlling through your blog to find incorcet applications of English!!! :)