Monday, July 30, 2007

pre-production with a twist

So the course seems to be moving full steam ahead as far as moving our projects along is concerned. This week we're focusing on the research aspect of our proposals - seeing as the written draft is going to be due at the end of next week. Talk about a whirlwind process! But it's keeping us on our toes at least.

Having read Rabiger's reading for this week, I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed. There just seems like there is so much intense ground to cover, so much thorough preparation that we need to undergo... and we haven't even decided on what to do as yet! I know that a strong pre-production is essential for any final production to work out... Things can't exactly go according to plan if there is none! But it just feels like the undertow of the semester will drag us all with it unless we get cracking - sooner rather than later.

On the plus side, it's good that we have been told just what specifics we need to address. Thus eliminating the possibility of leaving anything out. I really do hope we get to follow through with my concept; I think a subject matter such as a drag queen will give us a better chance of crafting a documentary that is both engaging and contains a visual edge. Either way though, the way we go about it will determine the outcome - and as long as we're all prepared to put in 100% then I'm sure the outcome will speak for itself.

Getting the chance to make a documentary on a subject who happens to be my friend will also give me a chance to examine the nature of our friendship. Which, for reasons I won't detail here is quite complex. The lens of art would be a brilliant dimension to add to it though.. Which is why I am quite intent on seeing it through, because I really think it will be a positive dynamic not just for the purposes of this project but for the possible enrichment of one of my dearest friendships. Creativity is a wonderous thing.

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