Thursday, March 29, 2007

time's a tickin'

So our scripts are due on Monday. Mine's about half-way done, so about 90 seconds left to go. I never dreamed one would need to muster so much energy to get three minutes' worth of film onto paper! Deceptively difficult, that one.

Still, I'm having a hell of a lot of fun crafting Fiend, particularly the voice-overs of Art himself. The character is really beginning to grow on me. I wonder if this is a natural part of the scriptwriting process? Do writers form curious bonds with the little imaginary fragments they breathe into life, or am I just uncessarily sentimental about these things??

In my mind I have a vision of a very experimental, sound-driven narrative. I want the audience to get inside this guy's head, to feel and experience the smacked-out delirium that had overtaken his world. The disorientation associated with a come-down is like a metaphor to mirror his fall from grace... from humanity, from himself. Though being the overwhelming optimist I am, I can't let it simply be a reflection based on that fact. There needs to be change, there needs to be movement. Characters must be fluid, as all humans are.

I'll bring him round full circle, but I won't lead him the entire way. Change is in the hands of the individual. Still tossing up a few motif ideas in my head, but I daresay there'll be a jehova's witnesses encounter somewhere along the lines - just ot keep life interesting of course :P

Watch this space.

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