Wednesday, April 25, 2007

the early bird gets the worm... or the grab

The filming of the PR breakfast with Josh and Ed of 3rd yr Media went well yesterday... Woke up at the bitchin' hour of 5:30am in order to haul arse to Spring St by 6:15. I wasn't in the best of moods. The other stress-addled folk only seemed to exacerbate this, but by 7am we were all systems go and had been given the green light to tuck into our Continental (ha ha) breakfasts, so things weren't all gloom. In fact the day itself turned out to be lovely - sunny even - and it was a delight to work with two guys who had the levels of experience that those two did.

I actually didn't feel out of place not knowing as much as them.. I just paid attention and asked as many questions as I could. It was nice feeling welcomed into unfamiliar territory, as I was initially quite worried about how the events would transpire (and consequently, how much shit we'd end up in if we buggered anything up). It was my first time getting to work with radio mics, so I found that particularly useful from a technical perspective.

For most of the morning I was responsible for taking the still shots, which I've already burnt onto disc to give to Carey when I go in for tomorrow's prac. Josh did the bulk of the filming, and I take my hat off to him for putting in such a fine effort. Though I wonder how that Tim Flanney story ended up in the news? There were more journos present than you could sink a ship with, but from what I could tell there were no other film crews. It'd be bloody exciting if the work of us lowly students was unwittingly broadcast on national TV, dontcha think?

In short, I'm really glad I volunteered to do this. I'm slowly building up enough confidence to be able to tackle the technical side of things and thus contribute something meaningful to the overall production process. You know what they say - one step at a time.

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