Friday, April 27, 2007

what a scene

Today was a barrel of laughs. Two dead batteries (both for the sound box AND battery box), loss of script and loss of actors who had to leave at 1:30 for their respective classed. Dramas, dramas, is there something about the genre that to some extent effects the nature of the job? I wonder. Despite being sabotaged, though, it seems to have gone alright. I suppose I'll have a better idea once I see the footage uploaded in post.

We ended up with two female actors - one brunette whose name I can't remember, and a girl named Elanore who played Lenny (ironically, her nickname actually is Lenny.. haha.. serendipity perhaps?). I think it worked better with women to be honest, but I'm scared we might've overlooked something as we didn't have a copy of the original script to work off.. I swear losing my lecture notebook has thrown me completely off kilter with this subject. Freaking pain in the rear is what it is.

Kudos to Latch for bringing along the storyboard. Although, it would have been better to see a bigger variety of shots to work with as opposed to more of the same, unimaginative mid-shot type stuff. The camera movement was good though, and I was pleased we managed to incorporate a fresh setting that no other students would have chosen.

I felt pretty daft being responsible for sound, but I learnt a hell of a lot about the technical side of things, even just sending signals and stuff to the camera to try and get the correct levels. No doubt it will take a few more goes before I can confidently say 'I know what I'm doing', but it was nice nevertheless to step outside of the visual role and just focus upon the audibility of something... Like ordering lemonade instead of Coke or any equivalent switch in default choice.

We have heaps to organise for PC this weekend. I've burnt copies of the shots we took last week for the boys, so at least we'll have something to model our storyboard off. Good times.

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