Monday, April 30, 2007

fine tuning, more for my sake than anyone elses

I need somewhere to store this list, and here seems to be the most appropriate.

Things I need to finalise in the next week:

Costumes - mostly for Alice. Once we've picked and actor and I know her body type I can find exactly what I'm looking for. Will be aiming for the pseudo-goth look though, so the black and fluro pink nail polish will be coming out of the vault. Watch out!

Set design - I need to get my hands on a bland checked tablecloth, preferably of the green variety, to match the funky art deco ovens in our beloved kitchen. Somehow want to incorporate that pet budgie into the mix, but fear I'm becoming too adventurous for my own good :P

Props - I'm trying to think of new and inventive ways to incorporate boob-like imagery into the shots.. Nothing like a bit of tongue in cheek (and if Hitchcock can get away will phallic symbolism, then we can do the reverse!).. Might invest in a cheap fruit bowl and some well-rounded apples.. or peaches if you're that way inclined.. haha.

I'm sure there were more things. No doubt they'll come to mind when I hit 'publish'.

I'm kind of crabby that work won't give me the time off to come to this weeks castings.. But if I'm not earning cash, I'm not gonna be able to buy all of this stuff, and it's no secret that a production designer's is probably the most financially demanding - because when I visualise what I want, only I can really go about getting it. I just wish the same went for an endless pile of money...

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