Sunday, April 22, 2007

i <3 suburbia

Nestled somewhere within the quaint greenery of melbourne's inner South East lays a charming brick veneer home that will become the location for my group's TV1 project.

We met up yesterday afternoon at said location, in Orange St East Bentleigh, and each pretty much fell instantly in love with its rustic appeal (you should see the old-style green oven.. it's TO DIE FOR). The backyard is a bit shabby, I'm trying to convice the others that it makes for a crap establishing shot and we ought to be focusing more on Alice. Other than that though we have good access and most of what we need is already there, we'll just need to organise/prepare the food and figure out a way of doing the plate smashing So we've got that sorted. I brought along my digital camera and we took a few snaps to help piece together the storyboard. Will burn those onto disc/memory stick so everyone else has a copy for their perusal.

I've already started gathering props for our characters. Bought a $4 pipe for Mike the other day, and am hunting around for a grandpa hat as we speak. Found a 'desperate housewife' apron for Lou as well - utter gold. Will be gathering emo-style posters to make one of the bedrooms look more like a girl's room.. might throw in a bit of Leonardo di Caprio for good measure as well :P

On that note, I'm going to finish watching the rest of The Departed now.

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