Friday, April 20, 2007

saboteurs, ye be ware

Didn't end up filming in the pracs today... Instead, we practised setting up from scratch (mind you our kit had some of the shonkiest cord etiquette I've EVER seen) and spent the second half doing a mock-Lenny shoot as a class. I then proceeded to make a royal ass of myself as impromptu camera op, cementing the age-old belief that us Prof Commers are the resident incapable twats of bulding 6. Haha.. arrhhg, such embarrassment. To be honest my fear and loathing of the apparatus surprised even me... I mean, am I wrong to be overwhelmed by $20,000 worth of gear? I'm a pretty paranoid person as it is, and you can bet your bottom dollar that even the mildest scare tactics work with me where expensive gear is concerned. Sigh. At least I've managed to memorise all the little on-set catch phrases, and in their correct order no less.

Location scouting this weekend. Hopefully that'll be a more fortuitous endeavour. I really, really, really want to find a way to invest my energy into this project to make it worthwhile. Really.

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